The Citroën makes the C3 even more attractive and technological. The 2017 line of the brand’s premium compact, which comes to dealerships now, has availability of the advanced Multimedia Central with a 7.0-inch touchscreen, which includes various connectivity technologies. The system is standard equipment in the top-of-the-line version Exclusive and optional for C3 Attraction and Tendance, priced at R $ 1,850.00.In addition to the Multimedia Center, the Citroën C3 is offered with subtle changes of finish. The Attration and Tendance versions come with air diffusers and internal door opening controls in satin-silver color, plus black interior door handles. The Tendance version also receives anti-theft alarm and standard rear parking sensor.The exclusive top-of-the-line version, now 100% equipped with sequential automatic transmission and Paddles Shifts, takes on a more sober style with body-colored door handles. Like the automatic Tendance, it now has the ECO Drive function, which allows the entry of a further ECO law in the calculator (software), changing the gear ratio to favor consumption.All these innovations are added to the attributes and equipment already in the model, such as the innovative Zenith windshield (which allows an increase of 80 ° angle of vision), LED daytime running lights, electric steering, modern and efficient motors A in the National Label for Energy Conservation, of Inmetro), a reliable and comfort-oriented mechanical assembly, among others.More connectivity and wellness on board By means of a practical 7.0-inch touch screen, you can manipulate all the audio, navigation and connectivity features offered by the Multimedia Center: AM / FM radio, Bluetooth (audio streaming), USB (audio with cover display and photo viewer ), AUX (auxiliary) input, calculator, and calendar at water proof car cover.
The new system offers several features such as:
– Mirror Screen (Mirror Link + Car Play);
– Duplication of the Smartphone screen on the multimedia center screen;
– Jukebox with 16 GB memory for storing music;
– System of recognition of voice by means of Smartphone;
– USB 2.0 input with 1A current;
– System of recognition of voice by means of Smartphone;
– Smart App Link Citroen, allowing the storage of information about the vehicle in the customer’s Smartphone, such as fuel consumption, location, route taken, kilometers traveled, next review etc.
– Digital air conditioning: the new central will always be associated with digital air conditioning.
“We are offering a modern and intuitive system that will allow broad possibilities of connectivity to our customers,” says Bianca Le pique, product manager of Citroën do Brasil.
Mirror screen.Mirroring, or screen mirroring, is a feature that allows you to view the screen of your smartphone on the vehicle’s screen. At Citroën, this feature is called ‘Mirror Screen’. Mirror Screen has the following advantages:
– Integration and modernity: respect for style by the duplication of the smartphone on the screen of 7.0 inches.
– Safety: preserved visibility and ergonomics, certified applications available for a compatible use of driving, with two levels of information, as the vehicle moves.
– Simplicity: display and control of applications compatible from the touch screen of 7.0 inches.
– Compatibility ensured by two solutions: subscription.

– Control: use of the same client data package without additional cost of a second monthly 
Voice Recognition via SmartphoneLinked to the MirrorScreen function, voice recognition via Smartphone (such as Android S-Voice and Apple’s Siri) allows you to control your Smartphone’s functions from a distance, without taking your eyes off the road, by simply pressing the localized speech recognition button on the arrow key. Allows for example:
– Make calls;
– Choose and play music;
– Read and dictate text messages;
– Use maps to obtain itinerary;
– Read notifications;
– Find information in the calendar;
– Create reminders.
To use these functions, you must have a compatible phone and connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth.
Link MyCitroënLink MyCitroën is a smartphone application with Citroën branding that interacts with the vehicle, retrieving and storing information such as:
– Autonomy;
– Last week’s consumption;
– Odometer;
– Last trip data;
– Location of the vehicle and continuity of navigation;
– Next review.
The MyCitroën Link works with Bluetooth connection. The information export was developed for Android and Apple platforms. With MyCitroën Link, the driver can consult the most important information of his car, even from a distance.

Mirror link

For Android smartphones (via USB or WiFi), this is a new protocol for screen duplication, developed under the scope of the Car Connectivity Consortium.
Car Play
For Apple smartphones (via the classic iPhone USB cable), from the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 PlusThe innovative Zenith windshield
Thanks to its Zenith windshield, the Citroën C3 becomes a unique model. A clear technical development allowed the expansion of the windshield length from 990 mm to 1,350 mm, which allowed the unprecedented increase of the viewing angle by 80 °. Like a glass bubble, the Zenith windscreen allows the driver and passenger a unique perception of the environment, providing a differentiated sensory experience. A technological feat that offers a true vision in high definition, without limits.
Premium Compact at a popular price
Launched in Brazil in 2012, the second generation Citroën C3 amplified the success achieved by the first in the national market – the model already accumulates more than 322 thousand units sold in the country. Modern, refined, and stylish yet robust, the C3 is a seductive premium compact, both for its stylistic attributes and performance and technology.The Origine entry version is offered at the concessionaires for the promotional price of R $ 39,990 – the table value is R $ 44,990. This gives the Citroën C3 excellent value for money: it is a complete model, with a 1.5i Flex (93 hp) engine and standard contents such as air conditioning, electric steering; glasses, mirrors and electric locks; ABS Brakes (Anti-lock Breaking System) + REF (Electronic Brake Distributor); RD6 audio system with AM / FM radio, Bluetooth and USB and aux inputs; among other items.The Citroën C3 Attraction offers the same equipment of the Origine, more alloy wheels, fog lights and glass with electric drive in the four doors, LED daytime lights, among other differentials. It leaves for R $ 48,990 and has the Multimedia Center (R $ 1,850) as an option. The C3 Tendance, available with 1.5i Flex or 120 VTi Flex Start (122 hp) engine options and manual or automatic transmission, adds Zenith windshield, alarm, rear parking sensor and ECO Drive function (in units with automatic transmission ), as well as the optional Multimedia Center. Their initial prices are between R $ 50,990 and R $ 56,990.In the Exclusive version, the price of R $ 62,990 comes standard with all the equipment of the previous versions, more Multimedia Center with navigation, digital air conditioning, leather steering wheel and internal electrochromic rear view mirror, besides internal finishing with exclusive materials.After-sales service: reliability and high competitivenessThe Citroën C3 has a 3-year contractual guarantee and a 6-year anti-drilling warranty. Another important point is the maintenance plan with highly competitive Fixed Prices, after-sales program for the regular intervals of 10,000 km. Through it, in addition to the fixed price and the accuracy in checking the items indicated in the periodic maintenance plan, owners of the Citroën C3 will be able to split the costs into four monthly payments.

Citroën has revealed the definitive decoration of the C3 WRC for the new season of the World Rallys (WRC), car with which the French brand intends to return to the top of the category.After it emerged in 1997, the World Rally Cars were progressively evolving in their settings, both in terms of performance and cost control. The most profound change was introduced for the 2011 season with the introduction of more compact models with 1.6 turbo direct injection engines. The 2017 season is marked by the entrance of a new generation of cars, designed to be the most efficient and most spectacular ever seen in the World Championship races.The development of the new Citroën C3 WRC began in April 2015. This work was further deepened with the validation of the program by the top of the PSA Group. On November 19 of that year, when Citroën’s future sports plans were announced, the C3 WRC already existed, but in a virtual version. Then the construction of the first prototype was begun.
On April 11 of this year, Kris Meeke took his wheel for a first contact at the Versailles-Satory circuit. Then the team headed to Languedoc to hold the first test session on the dirt tracks at Château Lastours. The car had a camouflage decoration, designed to hide the features of the new Citroën C3, a model that had not yet been revealed.At the pace of a four- to five-day-a-month test session, development continued on several types of flooring, seeking reliability and performance. At the end of June, an essential point was reached with the arrival of a second unit, designed to run on the asphalt.Behind the scenes, Citroën staff continued to search for new developments, while at the same time conducting various wind tunnel tests before definitively concluding the bodywork. Confirmed as an official Citroën Racing driver until 2018, Kris Meeke performed most of the dynamic tests. At each session, his work was supported by Craig Breen and Stéphane Lefebvre.In total, the Citroën C3 WRC has accumulated 10 test sessions for a total of 9,500 kilometers. The last stage, indispensable before the debut of the car in competition, was its approval by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which took place on December 13.
2017 – CITROËN C3

Yesterday was presented the new Citroën C3. The third generation of the French model stands out for an aspect that removes all stereotypes. After the great success obtained by the C4 Cactus, this model was taken as an element that was the key: the Airbumps. These are applied in the lower part of the sides of the C3, giving it a touch that will not pass indifferent to anyone.
Another novelty is its separate optics. At the top we find the widened daytime lights that integrate with the ‘chevrons’ and below we find the headlights with an oval shape. The antineblins are at the bottom with the outline of a different color making contrast, as well as the ceiling and the mirrors. The entire lower part of the body has a dark plastic that gives it more robustness.Its dimensions have been confirmed, reaching 3,990 mm in length, 1,750 mm in width and 1,470 mm in height. The wheelbase is 2,540 mm and the trunk has a capacity of 300 liters. The new Citroën C3 is only planned with the five-door body. The feeling of space increases thanks to a rather minimalist interior.In the panel predominate the straight lines and in general it is quite clear. It integrates a touch screen of 7.0 inches that manages to eliminate almost all the buttons.

There will be ConnectedCam, which will allow you to take photos and videos, and also perform some security functions. It should be added that the interior of the new C3 will be very customizable with up to 36 color combinations.Its line of engines will have five options, three petrol and two diesel. In the line of gasoline will all be three cylinders and will be present the 1.0 PureTech of 68 hp, 1.2 PureTech of 82 hp and 1.2 PureTech turbo with 110 hp. The diesel blocks will be the 1.6 Blue HDI with 75 and 100 hp. The most powerful can receive the EAT6 automatic transmission. The arrival of the new Citroën C3 is scheduled for early 2017.